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Treefellas has been servicing Christchurch and the Canterbury region for the last 12 years.

We are your one stop tree maintenance and removal shop. Experts in our field, Treefellas have the right tools for every job.

Here at Treefellas we pride ourselves on jobs well done. We work to the highest possible standard of workmanship and we provide great customer service.

To top it all off we are cost effective, with realistic prices from realistic people. For all your Tree work - Pruning, thinning, reductions, shaping, hedge trimming, garden makeover and even fencing and light landscaping work, please call us.

We will provide you with a free quote and promptly do the job should you accept our competitively priced quote. You can even pay by BITCOIN (the new global digital currency making headlines around the world). You can purchase Bitcoin by clicking links on our links page.

For Free QUOTES PHONE 0800873333 or click on our Quote form here FREE QUOTE


Try us out and enjoy the experience that our satisfied customers are talking about all over the city.

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